Кучето што ги научи трите млади велосипедисти што значи пријателство”

Сакаме да ве запознаеме со тројца млади велосипедисти: Adeeb, Azrulhan и Amirul; кои се нарекуваат Sick Siders Malaysia (SSMY), и кои се подготвени да летаат до Велика Британија, а потоа да се враќаат до Малезија со велосипед.


Кога стигнавме кај границите во Македонија, патувавме кон стариот пат околу Охридското езеро. Многу беше ладно, и потоа дознавме дека бевме на надморска височина од 700м. Длабочината на Охридското езеро достигнува до 300м, и во неа живеат риби што може да се најдат само во ова езеро.”

Почнувајќи од Велика Британија, тие поминуваат низ 22 држави, вклучувајќи ги Босна, Албанија, Македонија, Турција, Киргистан, Кина и многу други. Се проценува дека велосипедистите ќе патуваат околу 29,000km. 

Младите велосипедисти нивните доживувања ги споделуваат на официјалната FB страница на  Sick Siders Malaysia. Од сите тие доживувања, има една трогателна приказна која ја споделија додека беа во Македонија.
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Pictures of Indonesia



Indonesia Flag in Mt. Bromo, East Java

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Beautiful scenery in Trang An

Posted: 15th September 2015 by SICK SIDERS MALAYSIA in JOURNEY, TRAVELS

Trang An is one of the most beautiful tourist areas of Ninh Binh province. The beautiful scenery is endowed as a natural gift. Trang An landscape includes winding mountain ranges surrounding the water flow of natural streams, creating countless beautiful and mysterious caves. Sitting on a boat, you will discover the caves around, silently watching rice fields on two sides of streams. A extremely beautiful natural space open itself fades out before your eyes. If you live in Vietnam you should go to Trang An at least once.



Trang An landscape

Trang An is an unique and impressive tourism attraction of Viet Nam, and one which has already proven its ability to bring a multitude of benefits to the local community. To ensure that these benefits continue into the future, the responsible and participative management of the site is essential.

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Magical Ba Be Lake in Vietnam

Posted: 15th September 2015 by SICK SIDERS MALAYSIA in JOURNEY, TRAVELS

When the sweltering summer sun started covering all regions of the country, a lot of tourists flock to the beach to be immersed in the cool and blue sea water. However, there is also a very great space gives you a relaxed feeling to forget the fatigue and discomfort, that is Ba Be Lake. Unique natural landscape, the harmony between mountains, rivers and mild climate particularly attract tourists to Ba Be Lake in this summer.

Geological values of Ba Be Lake

Located in Ba Be National Park , Ba Be Lake is known as one of the 20 largest natural freshwater lakes in the world was formed 200 million years ago from the special geological formations. At 145m altitude above sea level, the lake covers an area of ​​over 650 hectares of water surface, surrounded by limestone mountains with lots of caves and underground streams.


Ba Be Lake in Vietnam

Local people call the Slam Pe is Ba Be Lake. This name comes from the lake where convergence of three rivers Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng. The lake has an average depth of 17-23m, 8 km at its widest, the lake bottom is covered with a thick layer of clay 200m. Because of this clay layer that water does not leak out, forming the lake. Ba Be Lake has a tremendous value in geology. This is expressed through a lot of caves, underground rivers formed up a lot of interesting attractions for tourists as Puong cave, Fairy Pond, Nang River, Dau Dang waterfall.


Moring on ba be lake

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Tour of Son Doong Cave, the largest cave in the world!

Posted: 15th September 2015 by SICK SIDERS MALAYSIA in JOURNEY, TRAVELS

6 nights with the discovery tour of Son Doong cave

“There isn’t in anywhere over the world”

It is located deeply in the most remote areas of Vietnam, where scientists told about in National Geographic famous magazine  “There isn’t in anywhere over the world.” That is Son Doong cave – the largest cave of the world in Quang Binh.

Video of Son Doong cave by Ryan Deboodt



Tour of Son Doong Cave

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